Get out of the house: Even if you don't have an interview scheduled today, get out of the house anyway. Network with a fellow job seeker.

Send a thank you card: Double or triple your job search results by writing and mailing (NOT e-mailing) a thank-you note.

Remember the 5 P's: Spend a few minutes at the end of today to answer these three questions.

Get busy and get hired: Today pull all the job search techniques together and go forth - equipped to find your dream job.

Get ahead of 99% of job hunters: Uncover the clues that lead you to companies in need of new employees. And you'll have almost no competition.

3 X 5 organization: Manage contact information so you sound intelligent when your dream company calls.

Three big ways to start networking: Thousands of job leads are unadvertised and waiting to be uncovered. Do this to get them.

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