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2010: Weather in excess

The past year saw the return of outdoor major league baseball to Minnesota, but no one expected the return of outdoor pro football as well. From a giddily warm spring to December snows that collapsed the Metrodome, 2010 was a year of delightful and brutal weather surprises, setting records for tornadoes, ravaging small communities with autumn floods and throwing in a "land hurricane" along with a long growing season and rainfall that refilled many lakes and streams that had gasped through drought for several years. From beginning to end, the weather raised a question that hovers over life in Minnesota: "How DO you dress for this?"

To read this chart: Roll the cursor over the feverline to see the High and low temperatures for the day. Horizontal lines indicate that there is supplemental information for that day, including significant events, photos or videos. NOTE: All temperatures in the feverline were taken at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Sources: National Weather Service, Minnesota Climatology Working Group
*High and low temperature data are taken at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
**1971-2000 Daily Normal, Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport