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A recounting of Minnesota's Senate race

The U.S. Senate race between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken seems to go on and on. The votes were first counted on Nov. 4, 2008. Then, because of the razor-thin margin, they were tallied again in a hand recount that began Nov. 19 and officially ended on Jan. 5. Then came the courtroom challenge by Coleman that is now nearing a conclusion. But it�s unlikely to be the last word: An appeal by the loser to the Minnesota Supreme Court is expected, and it�s not out of the question that the race will go to federal courts. And ultimately, it�s the Senate itself that gets to decide who is seated.

TO READ THIS CHART: The data above the zero line represent the number of votes Norm Coleman has over Al Franken. Conversely, Norm Coleman's lead is negated as the data dips below the zero line. The negative numbers indicate the lead Al Franken now has.

Sources: Minnesota Secretary of State, Star Tribune research

RAY GRUMNEY, DAVE BRAUNGER and JOHN STEFANY - Star Tribune Star Tribune researcher, JOHN WAREHAM also contributed to this report