What's really inside those packages of "bath salts," "plant food," "herbal incense" and "research chemicals"?

The Star Tribune paid a lab to test 30 synthetic drugs. The results dismayed experts, who said wide variations in content and purity greatly increase a user's chance of dying from a chemical overdose. Moreover, the tests showed that not one of the products purchased after July 1 is actually legal in Minnesota, despite claims otherwise.

Brand name Category Chemical analysis Amount Cost Date of purchase How product was marketed Type of merchant Seller required proof that buyer was 18
Armageddon LPOE "Minnesota Compliant" synthetic pot 2.5% JWH-122, 0.8% JWH-210, trace RCS-4 1 gram $9.98 7/11/2011 "An exclusive propriety blend of the finest herbs and extracts we could find on this planet." MN store yes
Bay Spice synthetic pot 1% JWH-210 1.5 grams $18.99 8/25/2011 "There's nothing more relaxing than Bay Spice XO." website no
D.O.A. synthetic pot .80% JWH-122, .31% JWH-210, .01% AM-2201, Trace JWH-250 1 gram $17.99 7/28/2011 "An aromatic herbal blend that releases a rich aroma when burned. " MN store yes
Euphoria - blueberry synthetic pot .046% JWH-122 3 grams $34.99 5/20/2011 premium herbal incense blend MN store yes
Fear and Loathing II synthetic pot 1.76% JWH-018, .05% JWH-250, .10% JWH-122, .04% JWH-210, .05% JWH-398, .02% JWH-201 1 gram $26.99 7/28/2011 "This one is for the experienced in the ways of aromatherputics." MN store yes
K2 Kush Extreme XXX synthetic pot .43% JWH-122   $19.99 5/20/2011 "An exotic herbal incense blend. Composed of rare plants and herbal extracts." MN store no
K2 Sky synthetic pot .015% JWH-203 3 grams $49.95 6/10/2011 "This Legal Everywhere blend is far superior to K2 Ultra or any original blend!" website no
K2 Ultra synthetic pot 0.15% AM2201 and 0.07% JWH-122 1 gram $23.95 8/26/2011 "We believe that our innovative K2 Ultra Incense is the most effective incense on the market and is by far the greatest quality incense we have ever produced." website no
K2 XXX Chronic Limited Edition synthetic pot .419% JWH-122, .0035% JWH-210 3 grams $19.99 5/20/2011 "Unbelievable Strength!" MN store no
Purple Diesel Spice synthetic pot .0095% JWH-122 1 gram $7.99 6/3/2011 "Purple Diesel Spice is an exotic potporri blend of the highest quality herbs and herbal extracts." website no
Shaman Voyager synthetic pot .01% JWH-122, .01% AM-2201 About 2 grams $17.95 7/15/2011 "Non-cannabinoid Smoking Blend" MN store no
Zombie Killa synthetic pot .0155% JWH-203, .33% JWH-122, .954% JWH-210 2 grams $44.99 5/20/2011 "The more maniacal may choose our enchanting Zombie Blend and the downright demented dare to burn our infamous Zombie Killa." MN store yes
Benzo Fury stimulant 18% 1-1-Benzofuran-6yl-propan-2 amine 1 pellet $16.93 6/21/2011 "Invented by a team (at) Purdue University whilst investigating non-neurotoxic analogues of the popular recreational substance MDMA." website no
Bliss stimulant 18% MDPV 500 mg. $34.99 5/20/2011 "For a Euphoric Bathing Experience." MN store yes
Charly Sheen stimulant 56% MDAI, 14% Lidocaine 0.5 grams $25.40 6/21/2011 "Contains a proprietary blend of research chemicals" website no
Cloud 9 stimulant 100% 3,4 Dimethylmethcathinone 250 mg. $34.99 5/20/2011 High Quality Bath Salt MN store yes
Eight Ballz stimulant 34% MDPV .5 grams $24.99 5/20/2011 "Ultra Premium Bath Salts" MN store no
GoGaine stimulant 48% MDAI, 14% Lidocaine 0.5 grams $25.40 6/21/2011 "High quality research chemical powder" website no
Ivory Gold stimulant 2% MDPV, 72% Lidocaine 500 mg.. $34.99 4/1/2011   MN store yes
Ivory Wave Ultra stimulant 27% MDPV 200 mg.. Free sample 6/13/2011 novelty collector's item website no
Rush stimulant 75% Caffeine .5 grams $24.00 6/3/2011 "For adults plants add 1g to your watering can and water in avoiding contact with the stem." website no
Sky Vanilla stimulant 100% Caffeine 1 gram $39.00 6/3/2011 "Tested and Approved as the Best Bath Salts" website no
TranQuility stimulant 27% MDPV, 25% Caffeine 500 mg.. $34.99 5/20/2011 "For an invigorating, energizing and truly Scentual experience." MN store yes
Vanilla Sky stimulant 17% MDPV, 5% Lidocaine 200 mg. $24.45 6/10/2011 "What can you break without touching it?" website no
Vanilla Sky stimulant 35% MDPV, 5% Lidocaine 200 mg. $24.95 6/10/2011 "What can you break without touching it?" website no
White Rush stimulant 36% MDPV 250 mg. $22.99 6/10/2011 "Invigorating Bath Salt" website no
White Tusk stimulant 23% MDPV, 44% Lidocaine 250 mg.. Free sample 7/27/2011 "DEA compliant" mail order no
4-Meo-PCP hallucinogen 40% Methoxy Phencyclidine 1 gram $58.15 6/21/2011 "An exceptional and established research compound that has a great reputation among scientists for having very interesting characteristics." website no
AMP! psychedelic 19% 5-MeO-DALT, 60% Lidocaine, 9% 3 or 4 Flouromethcathinone 1 gram $53.00 7/28/2011 "Proprietary blends which will enhance and elevate energy and mood." MN store yes
Armageddon Lunar Eclipse psychedelic 23% 5-MeO-DALT, 73% Lidocaine 1 gram $39.98 7/11/2011 "This mind expanding, mood enhancing dissolvent is a sure way to increase awareness while at the same time breaking down the walls that society constructs around us all." MN store yes