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Ask Matt: Why is this recruiter being so pushy?

Dear Matt: I’ve been contacted by a few recruiters about some job openings they are hiring for. I haven’t thought about leaving my current job but decided to listen. One recruiter said they needed a résumé that day for me to even be considered. Why so pushy?

Job Search

Need more ideas for your job search in these tough times?

My Job: Jeri Glick-Anderson, Director of Development, Temple Israel

Jeri Glick-Anderson is the Director of Development for Temple Israel in Minneapolis.

Cover letters

Write a cover letter to impress the hiring manager.


Four cover letter questions

Struggling to write a cover letter? You're not alone. Based on the dozens of inquiries I get every week on this subject, here are four common cover letter questions, with answers to guide you.

Continuing education

Education can be instrumental to career success.

Conversation with Qays Arthur on Guidance and Faith 7

Questions and answers regarding the series. More…


Learn how to shine in an interview.


Give thanks, get hired

When you thank someone, be it an employer after an interview or a friend who gave you a job lead, you help satisfy their need to be appreciated. This can also propel you faster toward employment.


Many say it's the most important aspect to a job search.


How to target hiring managers and crack the hidden job market

Fully 70-80% of jobs go unadvertised by employers, who fear being deluged by hundreds of resumes from applicants, most of whom won't be qualified. With that in mind, it makes sense to spend about 80% of your time cracking this hidden market of unadvertised jobs.

Workplace issues

Learn ways to navigate the career jungle.

Bullies in the workplace? You bet

Study finds bullying is pervaisive but can be combated More…

Career profiles

Which career direction is best for you?


How to launch your career as a how-to expert

If you have a curious mind and like learning new things, you may find success working for yourself as a how-to expert. That's the message in a new book from Bob Bly, marketer and author.